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Mark Morris High School
Class Of 1978

Mark Morris Class of 1978 – 40th Reunion

I hope this email finds you all well and that you had a great Thanksgiving with your families.

Our 40th Reunion planning has begun.  So far this is what has been received and listed in the “Comments” section under each topic.  If you have a preference now is the time to chime in.  Also, it would be great to have some Longview locals go to some of the possible Friday night venue choices and give us your first choice from the list submitted below, or add a new choice.

Normal reunion dates of our past reunions have always been the first Saturday in August, with a Friday night event.

What time of the year would be your choice?

  1. Other possible dates
  2. Or our usual which would be Friday evening August 3rd and Saturday August 4th


  1. An earlier date would be preferable if it works for most as I’m traveling with family. If not I'm going to do my best to get back for reunion if it is our usual time of the first Saturday in August.
  2. I like the usual 1st Saturday in August idea.
  3. Friday night Aug 3rd and Saturday night Aug 4th would be awesome.
  4. This first Saturday in August seems like the perfect weekend as in the past.
  5. Mid June, or Saturday August 4th that would be fine also, I will make the effort to be there.
  6. I would be in favor of keeping the traditional date of the first weekend of August, Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th .

Friday evening get together location/venue:

  1. Monticello Hotel is back open and doing a nice remodel and now has a new restaurant/lounge area
  2. Or another location for our Friday evening event?


  1. Don't really care as long as we are all together somewhere.
  2. I think the Monticello or the Shamrock Tavern and Grill on Friday night
  3. Roland Wines is a good space; my advice would be to go to their website Roland Wines and click on the link regarding events. You can send Marc Roland an email at the bottom of that link as well. He does charge a fee if you are reserving the entire venue.
  4. Mill City Grill (they have a bar upstairs that they can reserve)
  5. The Shamrock
  6. a new place call J Squared Barrel House
  7. Urban Saloon. Just a few ideas to toss around
  8. The Monticello sounds good, or anywhere will be great as usual.
  9. No other ideas.

Saturday event(s):

Saturday morning/afternoon small gatherings?

  1. Ideas


  1. Most likely will not attend.
  2. Saturday morning/afternoon small gathering events would also be cool.

Saturday evening venue:

  1. Country Club
  2. Monticello Hotel is back open and doing a nice remodel on their “Banquet Hall” where we had our 10 year reunion
  3. Rutherglen Mansion is currently not open
  4. Or another location


  1. Monticello would be my first priority for event. I'm sure everyone is dying to see it!
  2. I like the Monticello Hotel banquet room idea. Will we have a buffet?
  3. The Country Club is a great venue in the summertime with outdoor seating with fire pit tables to sit at.  Of note, Margaret Voecks "Maggie" is now the manager of the Country Club and she was involved with the Class of 77 reunion at the Club on their Saturday night party. Looking at the pictures shared from Jennifer Clawson, they had a great time.
  4. Monticello.
  5. My favorite reunion was when we just had O’doerves/bar at the Country Club.  I do not want a sit-down dinner.
  6. Having the event at the newly renovated Monticello Hotel would be great!

Music for our Saturday night event

  1. Live Band for Saturday night
  2. DJ
  3. Combination like our 35th Reunion, with a live band and then a DJ going late into the night


  1. Band if they are good. DJ if not. Or both.
  2. I also like the DJ idea. The problem with bands, is that they play what they want & can’t necessarily play what we want.
  3. A DJ would be awesome, play the 70's music along with current music i.e. Bruno Mars, The Weekend and Justin Timberlake....have to get those muscles and joints moving!!!!
  4. Combination sounds great.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  5. I like choice C.  A live band and then a DJ going late into the night.
  6. A live band for Saturday night and then a DJ going late into the night.

Please go to our class website and update all your contact information.  Please let all our classmates on your contact list know about our class website and the 40th Reunion planning.  My contact information is listed below if you have any questions.  See you at our 40th Reunion.


Darren Talley

509-682-2444 – home

360.425.2400 - cell

Please check your contact information and update if needed.  If you see friends that haven't updated on our class website please send them the link.


Kenneth Norris  12/15
Judy Smith  12/15
Susan Strayer  12/19
Debby Demas (Cox)  12/20
Hope Faires  12/23
Peter Mahnke  12/31
Scott Ireland  1/2
Dave Weymouth  1/3
Tom Pratt  1/10
Mike Jones  1/11
Tim Shay  1/12
Paul Delashaw  1/13

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